Butterflies & Zebras


"Acid without the acid" is how Butterflies & Zebras were described by the Ottawa Citizen. B&Z are two guitarists and a percussionist who "paint in sound", originally inspired by the sonic tapestries of Jimi Hendrix but adding folk, free-jazz, blues and world music into the mix.

Norm Howard - [electric guitars, tape manipulation, slides, drumstick and effects] Norm is a self-taught musician with a broad musical background, including rock, jazz, blues, classical, and avant-garde. He has been studying and experimenting with unorthodox guitar technique for over 25 years, intent on building his own unique sonic vocabulary.

Steve Northover - [acoustic & electric guitars, cello bow, drones & effects] Steve is interested in all forms of music and enjoys getting the weirdest possible sounds from his guitars and amplifiers.

Ken Walker - [african percussion via Djembe and Duns mixed with abrasive artifacts directed thru pedal manipulation] Ken has been practicing and performing African rhythms for several years and is a recent addition to the B&Z group.

Philip Northover - [a talented computer scientist and artist] Phil is the driving force behind Fractal Alhambra and has been working with fractals for over 7 years.


Welcome to the sound that is Butterflies & Zebras